GMI Certification

The GMI certification helps product owners identify label and package printing companies that adhere to high standards for color reproduction. As a GMI certified printer, Packaging By Design, continually measures color samples from its presses against the tolerances of a finely calibrated spectrodensitometer and provides random samples throughout press runs to verify that vendor requirements are met.

GMI helps control the variables and ensure brand integrity through printer certification, production run sample measurement and in-store packaging assessments. Packaging By Design, is a GMI-Prime (Graphic Measures International) certified print facility for Walgreens, Target, Lowe’s,…

  • What is GMI? GMI stands for Global Measures International. GMI is a global leader in packaging quality services, they certify, monitor and measure the performance of the print job.  
  • Consistency is key, they say. That saying applies to everything under the sun, from learning the piano through consistent practice to learning how to ride a bike and even mastering the strategic game of chess. And in flexographic print, consistency is entirely vital. So, that’s where GMI certification comes into play.

And GMI certification is one of the ways the printing industry standardizes and qualifies the various printing companies. Quality control in printing is a crucial element, as many print jobs are so large in volume that a single error or misprint can cost companies significant money.  

With more and more vendors expected to print packaging and manufacture the product, GMI certifications are gaining popularity. The GMI certification, a derivative from the ISO standards related to the printing industry, brings with them a sense of authority and trust that business partners, and consumers alike, can trust. 

SQF Institute

SQF Institute

We know how important it is to have suppliers you can rely on during these unstable times.  We not only are an “essential” partner, but we continued to keep our SQF certification current.  We did not ask for extensions, we made it happen so we can be on top of our game which helps you stay there as well. 

Achieving this certification is not only a testament to our hard work, but also a credible demonstration of our commitment to food safety – something that will help our team and our customers sleep better at night.  

The SQF program is not about obtaining a certificate or gold star – it is about establishing a sound food safety program in our facility to protect our brand, our buyers, and our bottom line.

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BBB Accredited

BBB Accredited

The BBB accreditation is one of the most recognized symbols of trustworthiness among consumers and businesses. It helps differentiate us from our competitors.

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